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What to Bring...

(and what not to)

Important Documents: Insurance card, identification, and SNAP card. Award letters from SSI or disability.

• Certificate of Completion of the Program for clients coming from a short-term facility.

Clients who wish to receive money from family while at treatment should bring a reloadable card

Medications: 30 DAYS Supply of all prescribed psychiatric medications, inhalers, birth control pills & antibiotics.

Please bring a current, accurate list of your medications and dosages. 

• Feminine products: Please bring a 90-day supply.

•14 outfits of casual, comfortable clothing, and including a dressy outfit for events.

• No more than 3 pair of Slip-on, sandals or athletic shoes

• Up to 5 unframed photos of family or books

• Makeup is limited to 3 items.

The items must not be in glass containers or have mirrors & they must be used under supervision. 

Any client wishing to smoke e-cigs while here must be prepared to provide for all their own needs such as hygiene, toilet paper and food. Clients who smoke will NOT be allowed to eat on community or get free hygiene, stamps, feminine supplies, etc.   


Hygiene: Please bring a 90-day supply of your own hygiene if you plan on smoking or if you require special ingredients due to sensitive skin.


Any and all hygiene products brought must be in original packaging and unopened.

Alcohol may NOT be in the top 3 ingredients. 

What to Leave at Home

• Clothing with offensive language 

• Electronic devices including cameras, recording devices, cell phones, iPads, iPods and computers 

• Expensive jewelry or valuable items 

• Drugs and alcohol 

• Razors and razor blades 

• Pencils or pens 

• Plastic bags 

• Glass items such as mirrors, bottles or framed pictures 

• Sharp items such as scissors or pocket knives 

• Lighters, matches, cigarettes, vapes, or ecigs 

• Pillows, bedding, blankets and stuffed animals 

• Food items including candy or aluminum cans 

• Hair dyes or hair chemicals 

• Nail polish and nail polish remover 

• Opened personal hygiene items. 

• Bad Attitude

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