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About Phase 2

Phase 2 at Recovery Plus is designed to be at least 90 days. It is all about applying the skills learned in Phase 1 and building a foundation for a life in recovery.


In Phase 2, ladies seek employment, learn to save, learn budgeting, pay bills and practice managing their mental health. All Phase 2 clients are required to save 35% of their income in order to provide them with the funds to help when its time to move out on their own. 

Ladies remain in a highly structured living environment. Peer support specialists help the ladies begin to walk our their recovery under watchful supervision. 

In this Phase, ladies who are compliant with Recovery Plus regulations are able to get a cell phone. On a case by case basis, vehicles are allowed to be used in this phase. 


Scott Street house is in a centralized location and houses up to 15 ladies. It is near to the bus line, downtown, the gym, the local AA meeting place & many other businesses, Phase 2 provides an excellent space to start walking out early recovery.

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