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About Phase 1

Phase 1 is the intensive treatment phase. During this phase of the program, ladies stay in provided housing while not at class but don't think there is down time. After class programming takes places here.


While at home, ladies learn living skills such as cooking, cleaning and social skills. They go to AA/NA meetings in the community, attend church services and community events, have speakers and presenters come to the house and many more activities. 


This phase of the program allows for the stabilization of each lady's mental health while learning the tools necessary for a life in recovery. 

Every Phase 1 lady enjoys case management services to help them manage their legal obligations such as court, DCBS case plans, and gain access to necessary goods and services in the community such as SNAP and Medicaid Services.

The newest addition to Recovery Plus housing is this beautiful home in Grampian Hills. It was built by an architect. The sunrise at this house is beautiful to view due to the unique design of the living room which includes a glass wall. Grampian houses up to 15 ladies.

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